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Our Social Enterprise Project was established in October 2010 in the city of Petaling Jaya, Malaysia and was initially named as DIB Coffees of Hawaii. However, the project was renamed as DIB Restaurant Cafe in 2016 and DIB was changed from Deaf-in-Business to become Disabled-in-Business, with the intention to provide similar skills training and employment opportunities to other people-with-disabilities (people in wheelchairs being the possible beneficiary).


DIB "ZEROES TO HEROES" Project is self-funded and a Non-profit establishment, and all profits shall be utilised to expand DIB. Our strategy for future expansion is opening small shops or kiosks at Office Buildings or Shopping Malls or MRT Stations. We realise that we are entering uncharted waters and thus expect tremendous challenges ahead. Thus, we welcome philanthropists  as well as business organisations to partner with us, as we endeavour to sustain this Community Business project and make it a success. 

With more than 6 years of business experience, we have developed a sustainable Social Enterprise business template employing up to 90% Deaf staff and we are most happy to collaborate with passionate individuals or organisations to setup more DIB outlets in Malaysia and overseas.

Dr Allen Teh (Founder)

Our Vision

To be the largest employer of Deaf people 

Our Mission

To restore hope and dignity to all Deaf people by improving their livelihood, through skills training, unbiased employment and Deaf business entrepreneurship

Only God will lead us into the future. Where ever there are people with disabilities, DIB can be established. So we welcome investors, philanthropists or organizations to partner with us to expand DIB worldwide.
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